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caDSR API domain class browser includes two major components: caDSR domain model and caDSR UML project model. In addition, Freestyle Search is part of caDSR API.

caDSR is the Cancer Data Standards Repository of Common Data Elements (CDEs), a database managed at NCI CBIIT. CDEs are used as data descriptors (metadata) for NCI-sponsored research.

CDEs are based on EVS thesauri and standard vocabularies and are developed by NCI CBIIT and partner organizations including participants in caBIG(tm). The caDSR tools are used to create, edit and deploy CDEs. caCORE application web services provide programmatic access to caDSR content.

caCORE objects are represented by UML Models. A UML Model is used to facilitate a semi-automated load from caCORE UML into ISO/IEC 11179 Administered Components. This is discussed in more detail on the caCORE SDK wiki page.

CDEs address a significant problem in biomedical data management--the many and varied ways that similar or identical concepts are described. CDEs provide consistent data descriptors (metadata), making it possible to aggregate and manage both modest-sized and large data sets in order to be able to ask and answer basic questions.

caDSR domain model: This is the principal caDSR API, and it is based on the ISO 11179 information model as extended to capture caDSR semantics.

caDSR UML project model:
This API presents a UML Model view of the underlying caDSR metadata. The API objects are mapped to a set of materialized views views in the underlying database.

Freestyle Search:
The caDSR Freestyle Search engine performs weighted semantic searches on the content of Administered Items in the caDSR. Freestyle Search is packaged as an API and also includes a sample UI accessible from a web browser. The Administered Items searched by Freestyle Search are Data Element, Data Element Concept, Value Domain, Object Class, Property, Concept, Conceptual Domain and Value Meaning. The attributes searched on each are Version, Long Name, Preferred Name, Name, Preferred Definition, Question, Public ID, Latest Version Indicator, Created By, Modified By, Workflow Status, Registration Status, Context, Alternate Name, Definition Source and Origin.

To access the Freestyle Search UI, please click here.
To access the Wiki documentation and download the associated files for using Freestyle Search API, please click here.

  • Added Support for enhanced CDE RESTful services
  • Made caDSR Freestyle Search part of the caDSR API
  • Enhanced support for 508 Compliance
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